There’s a secret Beyoncé-themed exhibit of all her “Lemonade” costumes

While 2016 wasn’t our favorite year (not by a long shot), we were #blessed with one perfect thing this year: “Lemonade.”And the album continues to bless us, because, apparently, there’s a secret Beyoncé-themed exhibit of all her “Lemonade” costumes. Yeah, we’re FREAKING OUT. The awe-inspiring exhibit was a part of Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment holiday party, open only to those who were lucky enough to get invited. Talk about FOMO. Honestly, the costumes in “Lemonade” were ridiculously beautiful, because, well, no one has sartorial sense quite like Beyoncé.

The stunning beauty of the “Lemonade” costumes from songs “Hold Up,” “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” and “All Night” is actually bringing tears to our eyes.

Just look at those gorgeous outfits! Talk about a work of art. We dig this!

The outfits from “6 Inch” and “Formation” are just as killer.

Our loves for fashion and Beyoncé just collided in the best way! Ah, we heart these so, so much.

But it doesn’t end there. The party was loaded with “Lemonade” goodies, like Lemonheads and “Formation”-inspired popcorn. Bey knows it’s all in the details.


Oh, our hearts! Beyoncé, the next time you have a party like this, please, please invite us. In the meantime, we’ll settle for living vicariously.

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