There’s a Cheetos’ holiday makeup collection and we’re predictably obsessed with it

Looking for a gift for a friend who has eclectic taste in beauty products? Look no further than the Cheetos holiday makeup collection. It might just be the perfect gift for your quirky bestie or sister. When you think about holiday makeup collections, Cheetos doesn’t usually come to mind. But everyone likes a surprise, right?

This year, Cheetos released some unique cheesy-themed products to get for your special someone. Everything from “colour de Cheetos Bronzer,” which sells for $11.99 and promises to give a “vibrant Cheetos glow,” to a $20,000 “Eye of the Cheetah” diamond set because why not. If snack inspired makeup doesn’t peak your interest, there is always the Cheeteau Perfume. This perfume is made with cheese oils, so if you know anyone who wants to smell like processed cheese, this is the perfect gift.


Ryan Matiyow, Cheetos senior director of marketing, said that Cheetos wanted to “inject a bit of life and fun” into this holiday season. “How would Chester Cheetah display these fun and playful items, but in a way that fit with those higher end catalogs that go out there, that was the approach we took with the holiday book,” Matiyow said. There are also Cheeto cufflinks, leggings, and underwear.

If this beauty collection tickles your cheesetastic fancy or inspires your letter to Santa, you can get these items on the Cheetos online store. Please ask for us, too.

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