OMG there’s a beer made with recycled human urine

This might make your taste buds go on hiatus with no return date in sight, but it is our duty to inform you that there is now such a thing as beer made with recycled human urine. So, is this a gift for the beer lover in your life? Well, we suppose that depends on precisely how much liquid waste we’re talking and the depth of this person’s commitment to beer consumption.

According to GrubStreet, a Danish microbrewery named Nørrebro Bryghus produces the beer, which is called “Pisner” (too easy), using a process that involved collecting 50,000 liters of pee from urinals at Northern Europe’s largest music festival. Ugh, we just threw up in our mouths a little bit because GROSS.

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First of all, that urinal gig sounds like a) the WORST job in the history of jobs, and b) reason enough to stay far, far away from this beer. But, here’s the good news: The urine is strictly used to fertilize the fields of malting barley, which means it isn’t actually in the beer.

So, why not use manure, or something a little less pissy? Apparently, this new method is a part of what Denmark’s Agriculture and Food Council refers to as “beer cycling,” which obviously combines beer and recycling, which we can dig. The pee component? Not so much.

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In addition to the recycling aspect, there’s another positive detail to this story: Only 60,000 bottles of this beer were manufactured, so the odds of you having to graciously decline a bottle of this novelty beer at a party are rather slim.