Stop everything: There might be a “more mature,” in-theaters “Wizards of Waverly Place” movie

With nostalgia at an all time high these days, it’s no surprise that fans want a Wizards of Waverly Place movie. And it’s a dream that could actually come true, too. The series creator, Todd J. Greenwald, said in an interview with International Business Times that he’d be very into making a full-length feature of the the hit Disney series. And not some wimpy made-for-TV flick, but for actual theaters.

Greenwald said that the content would be “definitely mature.” He added,”Definitely just not the same Wizards we’re used to. It’s the same characters, but it’s much more high-budget, mature and that would be cool. Definitely PG-13.”

He’s even worked out some of the plot already and mentioned that it would be some “big, end-of-the-universe thing that Alex and Justin would be saving.” Although he does have some finer details to work out. Greenwald wondered, “Does Alex have kids or not? Is Justin still at WizTech? Is Max still at the sub station? Do we even age it up and say that Jerry and Theresa got a divorce?”

So. Many. Questions.

But so far, we’re totally into it.

It’s not just a movie that he’s thinking about, either. Greenwald also thought about a prequel series, although that would be less of a reunion and more of an “extended universe” thing. He said of the prequel, “It would be Jerry [David DeLuise] as a young wizard and his brother and sister, sort of thing. So, it’s the same story but in the wizard world and how they’re brother and sister and competing for their powers.”

And in terms of a movie, it seems as though the original cast is into it. Selena Gomez has talked about a reunion before. She made an Instagram Story with David Henrie and ran through some of the plot points. “I feel like we should do a reunion,” she said. Henrie added that his character, Justin, would be running the wizarding college with a bunch of kids and that his younger brother Max would be married. Selena added that her character, Alex, would be “killing the game.”

It sounds like the stars and the creator are already on the same page about this flash forward reunion flick. Let’s make this happen!

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