There is nothing better than watching 24 women shatter the glass ceiling

Friends, we have major heart eyes right now thanks to this epic video from Glamour. The video, which features 24 beloved women who shatter the glass ceiling, is a true work of art. It really resonates! (We’ve been thinking a lot about glass ceilings lately.) While Hillary Clinton didn’t shatter the glass ceiling in the presidential election, many women did shatter the glass ceiling this election season, and these wins leave us feeling empowered and capable — and this video does just the same!

In the Glamour video, 24 women shatter the glass ceiling, and it’s bringing actual tears to our eyes. TG for these amazing women.

You seriously have to watch this amazing video for yourself:

The video, created by Glamour, features incredible celebs like Zendaya, Issa Rae, Cara Delevingne, and Tracee Ellis Ross. It’s seriously loaded with our faves, and we’re bowing at their powerful feet.

Glamour posted a teaser of the video on Instagram featuring Eva Chen, and it’s epic.

Just watching those rad women shatter the glass ceiling gave us *all* the feels. And it’s seriously SO important. In a world where gender equality is still just a dreamboth for women and non-binary people, it’s so essential that we continue challenging things like the glass ceiling and the gender pay gap (which is totally real, BTW). Because we all deserve to be treated equally, to be respected and empowered, and to live in a just society.