There is 3D printed cheese now, and we’ll just be over here licking the printer

Move over mozzarella, there’s a new cheese in town! There is officially 3D printed cheese now, and we’re freaking out.

We love going out to a restaurant just as much as the rest of you. But could you imagine always dining in? We’re not talking about making TV diners, we’re talking 3D food.

Yes, it’s a real thing — well, it’s close — and it’s definitely the food future.

Thanks to scientists at the University College, Cork in Ireland, 3D cheese is finally here. These scientists decided to play around with an American processed cheese and a 3D printing press, and the result is wild.

"To the authors’ knowledge, no studies have focused upon the impact of additive manufacturing methodologies on the structural properties of dairy products," the authors wrote in the study published in the 'Journal of Food Engineering.'

According to the study via Gizmodo, there are a few ways to have 3D printers create things. They can use a binding agent mixed with a fine powder, or whip a melted raw product to build the product.

Think Easy Cheese and you’ll be able to visual the latter.

In order to create the 3D printed food, the scientists used a RepRap Pro Ormerod 1 printer. They then added a custom syringe to store the cheese (already made), and warmed the product to 75 degrees Celsius. After 12 minutes, they ended up with gooey foods that oozed from the machine.

They tried all different types of shapes and sizes to pour the cheese out onto. The cutest was a mascarpone bear…yes, a cheese bear.

After trying different speeds, shapes and other tools the scientists discovered that the final products are always gooier than the original materials. Plus, it is less thick than the substance they began with.

Okay, so they didn’t magically make the dairy product, but they did show how it could be created in the future.

Although this breakthrough is pretty cool, you shouldn’t plan on eating 3D foods just yet. We are still excited to see what scientists test next with these printers. Candy or cake would be our choices!