This theory about who Rey’s family is means crazy things for the next “Star Wars” movie

For all the lightsabers, X-Wings and Wookies, Star Wars has always been, at its heart, the ongoing story of the galaxy’s most dysfunctional family. Now, if one recently revealed fan theory turns out to be true, you can expect the familial drama to get even messier in Episode VIII.

According to Reddit user Beeslo, there’s a chance that scavenger turned (possible) Jedi, Rey, and the best pilot in the resistance, Poe Dameron, could be siblings. While finding false connections between characters is pretty common place in Star Wars fandom (remember when we were all convinced Emperor Snoke was actually Jar Jar Binks?), Beeslo actually has some not-totally-crazy evidence to back up their claim.

In the Star Wars universe comic Shattered Empire — a story that bridges the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens — we’re introduced to Force Trees. These are trees that, as you can probably guess, are imbued with the living force. At the end of the four-part series, Luke Skywalker bestows a Force Tree on to a trusted friend, a pilot named Shara Bey. Shara plants the tree outside of her house, which she shares with her young son, Poe Dameron. That certainly helps explain what makes Poe such an insanely talented pilot — he was absorbing the Force every time he went to play in his family’s backyard!


From here Beeslo begins to theorize that maybe Poe wasn’t an only child, maybe his parents gave him a little sister. And if just hanging out around a Force Tree can give you Force powers, imagine how powerful a kid conceived near one would be. Honestly, this makes us feel a little bad for Poe. It’s never easy when your younger sibling turns out to be better than you at everything. Imagine how he’ll feel when he discovers his little sister, Rey, is an advanced level Force user while he’s never even wielded a lightsaber before.

Obviously the theory isn’t one hundred percent sound. For one thing, Rey and Poe don’t share any screen time in The Force Awakens. It’s hard to imagine that the filmmakers wouldn’t even hint at such a gigantic relationship. Then again, there were no real hints in A New Hope that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader shared any kind of lineage. Maybe we’re just being kept in the dark for an Empire-sized reveal.

No matter what, if this all turns out to be true, it’s bound to make the relationships in Episode VIII just as complicated as we’ve come to expect from the Star Wars saga. 

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