There’s a theory that Destiny’s Child is about to reunite, and we need a minute

Okay, people of the internet — you all deserve medals. The Beyhive recently got to work on their latest theory that Destiny’s Child will reunite at Coachella in 2018, and honestly, the evidence is compelling.

The average social media user would most likely never notice the ~very~ subtle hints fans claim Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, LeToya Luckett, and LaTavia Roberson have supposedly dropped in recent weeks. Seriously, Nancy Drew would be proud of the Beyhive right now.

Although the clues from each of the women may be farfetched on their own, when put together they seem to point to a bigger secret. One fan pieced the Destiny’s Child puzzle together in a tweet Tuesday, December 12th, and now we can’t un-see it.

@DaKingKK strung together social media posts from Bey, Williams, Luckett, and Roberson.


Upon first glance, we were quick to say, “Okay, hold up DaKing. Let’s not jump to conclusions.” But like many others, we’ve studied the evidence and DaKing just may be onto something here. OG Destiny’s Child could be headed to Coachella.

Take a look at that picture of Beyoncé, which was only shared via her official website. Notice how her AC/DC shirt is styled — the “DC” are the only letters showing. DC could equal Destiny’s Child.

Next, we have a picture taken from Michelle Williams’ Instagram story earlier this week. She reminisced about performing with Bey at the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime show. But is Williams reminiscing, or she is mentally preparing herself for the reunion of the century?

And finally we have Luckett’s #tbt Instagram post from October —

— and Roberson’s cryptic tweet from early December.

You know how this goes — we’ll have to wait until next year to know if there’s actually any weight to the hype. But don’t be shocked if you see these ladies grace the stage together at 2018 Coachella. Just remember you heard it here first.

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