The theme for Beyoncé’s 35th birthday party was just announced (and it’s FIERCE)

Beyoncé’s birthday should automatically be on your calendars already, because it’s basically a national holiday. But if for some reason it’s not, her birthday is September 4th. And now that you’ve all updated your calendars… let’s talk about Beyoncé’s 35th BIRTHDAY PARTY THEME! Because you guys, it’s going to be epic.


The theme will be… wait for it…

Keep waiting for it… for dramatic effect…



In honor of the TV show Soul Train, we imagine the party will feature R&B, soul, hip hop, funk, jazz, disco, and gospel music. I mean, it is Beyoncé, so of course she’ll be able to make this all happen!

According to E!, the birthday party of the year will take place somewhere in New York City — the exact location isn’t known for obvious reasons (because Bey probably doesn’t want thousands of BeyHive-ers causing a raucous outside the venue — totally understandable).


No word on who’s invited to the birthday soirée, but it will likely be a massive star-studded event. Our invitation hasn’t arrived yet, but we assume it’s on its way because mail takes a long time to get from NYC to LA. (Or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves.)

Happy early birthday, Bey. We hope you have the best night ever!

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