theBalm Cosmetics launched a new eyeshadow palette with the catchiest name

theBalm Cosmetics’ ethos has always been to strive towards creating makeup that is not only beautiful, but multi-functional, high quality, and covering a wide range of needs. So while it’s no surprise to see them creating lovely palettes with beautiful hues, their latest eyeshadow palette is particularly eye-catching because it has just about the cutest name we’ve ever heard! The Meet Matt(e) Ador palette also has the most adorable packaging we’ve seen in a long time!

The retro-inspired palette features nine romantic, vegan shades that just so happen to be talc and cruelty-free! And you don’t have to wait to get this lovely palette because it’s already available to go!

You can make the Meet Matt(e) Ador palette yours for $42.

What a hunk!

We love how simple and classic these shades are, can’t you just see yourself rocking them this spring?

That blue shade, Matt Borski, is giving us heart palpitations.

You could have scooped this palette straight out of the 1940s and we’d be none the wiser. It’s bringing the drama while still remaining elegant, like our grandmothers taught us!

You can also wet an eyeliner brush and dip it in the shades for a custom eyeliner creation! How amazing will that blue look as a liner? The pale greenish gray, Matt Soto, would also look incredible as a liner.

Look at those swatches? Swoon!

If you’re drooling over this palette as much as we are, get yourself over to theBalm and pick one up! It is Friday, after all, and we’ve earned it. From the packaging to the name, to the shades, this palette is on point!

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