We’re so excited that “The X-Files” is coming back, but so bummed that all the writers are dudes

The truth is out there and it’s that we’re getting another season of The X-Files! This is amazingly wonderful news, but it turns out we might’ve started celebrating too early. We just got word that Season 11 of The X-Files has an all-male writing staff.

It’s 2017 and this news has us doing a famed Scully eye roll.

When news broke that The X-Files would be returning for yet another season, I had mixed feelings. Season 10 was disappointing, but with more episodes (10 this time) and another shot at ending the franchise, things were looking up!

Well, until news broke about that all-male writing staff. The X-Files has historically done pretty poorly when it comes to diversity among writers. But, it was the ’90s and we can’t go back to improve it. Now, it’s 2017 — and after the mixed Season 10 reviews, it seems like it might be time to bring in some fresh writers.

It’s great that well-known writers from the original series like Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, and James Wong will join Chris Carter for Season 11, but all of the new writers are guys too. And nothing against them either! It just seems unacceptable in a time when diversity in the entertainment industry has received so much attention as of late.

This is the show that brought us Dana Scully, one of the most iconic female characters of all time. Would it be so hard to diversify the writers room? The answer is no.