The Wiggles are doing a reunion show—and this time it’s for grown-ups

Hey, remember The Wiggles? It’s totally cool if you try as hard as you can to not remember them and their ridiculously catchy songs, but buried deep in your mind you still know all the words to “Fruit Salad” (yummy yummy). Crazy as this may sound, that song has been stuck in your head for 24 years. Now, be prepared for it to be stuck all over again, because the Wiggles are reuniting for an awesome cause.

The Wiggles first formed back in 1991 and instantly took off in their native Australia. Next stop, The Disney Channel, where their Wiggles TV show lasted for five seasons, and you secretly enjoyed watching with your little siblings, nieces, nephews, or the kids you baby-sat for back in the ’90s. The group was made up of Greg Page (Yellow Wiggle), Jeff Fatt (Purple Wiggle), Murray Cook (Red Wiggle), and Anthony Field (Blue Wiggle), and they sang and danced their way into our hearts. The original group was still touring as recently as 2012, but lately a brand new Wiggles team has taken over hot potato duties.

Now, the OG band’s getting back together for a reunion show geared towards a much older crowd. Blue Wiggle Anthony Field tweeted out asking if anyone would be interested in an “over 18” Wiggles show. Didn’t know that was a thing that could happen, so the answer is a very loud YES.

According to The Guardian Australia, the concert will be for an more adult crowd, and all proceeds will go towards helping out a friend of the Wiggles who was injured while fighting in Afghanistan. Being billed as a “pub gig” this sounds like a totally new venture for the Wiggles, one where alcohol is allowed.

“It will be great seeing kids who were four when Hot Potato came out dancing with a drink,” Field told the Sydney Morning Herald. They’re planning to stick to their original Wiggles tunes, so you know their greatest hits like “Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car” and “Captain Feathersword” will totally rock the crowd out.

The reunion will take place somewhere in Australia early next year, and hopefully even expand to a few venues instead of just one. Hopefully Jeff the Purple Wiggle can stay awake until then.

(Image via Disney Channel)

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