The Whole Package

What does “The Whole Package” mean, anyway? You may think of your dream guy that fits all of the criteria on your “wish list,” or of that perfect job with a bunch of awesome perks. As a professional athlete, I think “the whole package” is an ideal amount of nutrition, fitness and fun. Whether I’m training for a competition or hiking with my dogs, I know that maintaining my health begins with fueling my body properly. I genuinely love eating healthfully and mindfully. So much so that I have my own garden in my backyard!

Of course, us ladies tend to lead a hectic lifestyle, and we can often be at the mercy of the moment. It’s best to always be prepared, and one of my favorite snacks to keep on hand, as you may know from my previous blogs, is California Dried Plums. Hear me out on this! I think some of us may associate dried plums, aka prunes, as grandma’s favorite dried fruit, but I promise they’re so much more than that…

In addition to their yummy-ness, dried plums themselves are the whole package when it comes to nutrition. We all know that they promote digestive health, but there are several other benefits that make them well worth the bite! As we age (yep, there is no way around this one), maintaining bone health is increasingly important. According to the National Institutes of Health, 40 million Americans either already have osteoporosis (the loss of bone density) or are at high risk due to low bone mass. Osteoporosis can occur at any age, but studies suggest that osteopenia (low bone density) can appear in younger women often as early as in their twenties.

Don’t freak out just yet–dried plums may reverse bone loss and preserve bone structure, reducing the risk of osteoporotic fractures! Plus, they promote heart health, immunity and healthy aging. To sweeten the deal, dried plums taste really good, promote satiety (aka curb appetite) and have only 100 calories per serving (4-5 dried plums). And let’s not forget, as a fruit dried plums are naturally low in fat and sodium and cholesterol-free. Say hello to your friend with nutritional benefits!

No matter how you put it, California Dried Plums are a great snack to help keep you on track. I always recommend them to my friends and coaches, and I hope you join me in spreading the word. Grandma was really onto something, let me tell ya.



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