‘The Walking Dead’ season finale: We’re still processing it all

SO many things went down in The Walking Dead since October, it’s hard to believe we’re watching the same season. **SPOILERS AHEAD, OBVS** Here’s a quick rundown of season 5, in case you need a refresher: Rick Grimes and crew escaped the wrath of cold-hearted cannibals (with the help of Carol, who smeared her poncho with zombie guts and set Terminus ablaze, singlehandedly), met a misguided priest, ran into said cannibals again and finished them off in one of the most brutal massacres we’ve seen on TV, went on a rescue mission for Beth (who was held captive by a corrupt hospital), and said goodbye to way too many people for our hearts to handle. And then when Alexandria happened, we realized the season entered an entirely new realm of dangers and obstacles. The apex of which unfolded last night on the season five finale —here’s what went down and why our minds are still reeling.

1. A major character came back and didn’t like his tea time interrupted. Oh, and we also find out who’s been carving “W”s into human foreheads.

Oh, heart be still. Morgan, who we thought was a goner for sure, is back. Although we saw him lingering in the forest last season, we weren’t sure what kind of role he would be playing this season. Apparently it’s the role of a ruthless badass who decidedly takes no BS. After two new characters (who call themselves “Wolves,” hence the “W”s we’ve been seeing carved in human skin) try to take him out (and steal all his belongings, his breakfast), he knocks them both out with a stick. A STICK, you guys. And he then leaves them in a car to be chomped on by zombies, which we later (sadly) learn, doesn’t happen.

2. Nicholas tries to kill Glenn, and for a second we prepare to start crying real human tears

I thought Glenn might be toast. After he told Maggie he loved her, I was like THIS IS IT, ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE TELL PEOPLE THEY LOVE THEM. But once again, Glenn not only survives against all odds, but he brings Nicholas back from the forest, probably hoping to reform his cowardly ways.

3. Sasha takes a nap with a bunch of zombie bodies

And it was just as creepy as you would expect.

4. Daryl and Aaron almost die because they think they’ve (conveniently) run into a fleet of trucks full of food

Guys. GUYS. If it seems too easy, then it is. Even I know that, and I’m not a zombie apocalypse warrior. After Aaron snatches a license plate from one of the semi-trucks, he and Daryl open one up only to discover it’s filled with hundreds of neck-chomping zombie friends (all with “W”s on their heads —another clue as to who these guys are). They have no choice but to hole up in a car, and are THISCLOSE to meeting their maker until Morgan comes and saves the day. Deus Ex Machina much?

Bonus: Daryl decapitating zombies with a chain and Aaron slicing skulls with a license plate.

5. Father Gabriel has gone crazy

Dude was already unstable, but after a nice stroll with a hangry zombie, he decides to leave the gate to Alexandria open. Sasha comes to him for some much-needed therapy, and he just projects his problems onto her and she almost takes him out with her automatic.

6. Everything Rick has been warning Alexandria about happens

We all know Deanna was about to throw Rick out. He pointed a gun at her people. He was going to a kill a guy because of a woman he just met. He kind of sounded like a sociopath. Her concern was understandable, OK? But then Rick arrives to the town “Do We Kick Rick Out?” meeting with a zombie who had breached Alexandria’s “secure” gates AND looney Pete who’s had one too many whiskeys staggers in with Michonne’s swords blaming Rick for everything. Pete then maybe-accidentally slices Deanna’s husband’s throat open. It’s a perfect storm —Deanna realizes Father Gabriel left the gate open and that Rick is very right about humans’ capacity to be evil. “Do it,” she instructs Rick, who doesn’t even hesitate before he shoots Pete. *Applause*

7. Morgan and Rick share a very deep moment and we feel some feelings

Daryl and Aaron bring Morgan back to Alexandria right as the execution happens, and even though the timing was kinda awkward, I’m sure Morgan will forgive Rick for his callousness. You gotta do what you gotta do, amright?

What’s next for The Walking Dead

We won’t be seeing our fave zombie-slayers until October, but we do have a couple of hints about the 6th season from showrunner Scott M. Gimple. For instance, while the Wolves may seem like a pretty big obstacle, Gimple tells Entertainment Weekly that “those letter ‘W’ loving lunatics may not be the biggest problem facing Rick Grimes and Co.”

He also stated,

Big, loud, and scary? Bring it on.

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