Does this small clue on last night’s ‘The Walking Dead’ answer all of our burning questions?

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead left us with our mouths (and our hearts, gaping) wide open. The camera panned away just before we could see the fate of our beloved Glenn, but this next episode might have given us a clue. Instead of picking up at the cliffhanger, last night’s episode instead focused on Morgan’s backstory. That’s all well and good, but did you guys notice something odd in the opening credits? Where was Steven Yeun??

Yeun, who plays (played? Ah!) Glenn in the AMC series has been a staple in the opening credits since the series started, but with his abrupt removal from the opening, our biggest fear may be confirmed: Glenn isn’t coming back.

This would be somewhat contrary to the vague statements made by Walking Dead cast and crew, including showrunner Scott Gimple, who told The Talking Dead:

Eek, that could mean a lot of things. Perhaps a flashback, a memory, or worse, Glenn as a zombie.

But diehard fans, or perhaps those most in denial, insist that this pull from the credits is too bold not be some kind of trick. Maybe the show is trying to shake us off its trail, so when they do finally bring Glenn back, it’ll surprise all of us.

Whatever happens, the show definitely won’t be the same, but with the show already renewed for season seven, it’s safe to say we’re in for many more twists and turns.

Until then, let’s reminisce on simpler times, when Steven Yeun’s name was still a weekly regular:

(Image via YouTube)

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