Better watch out, because Daryl will go rogue on “The Walking Dead” this season

With the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead comes more maddening interviews where we learn little bits of information about what’s to come…but never nearly enough! In just one example, Norman Reedus spoke with Deadline about Daryl’s arc for this season.

And while he kept a lot close to the vest, we’re still very excited about what he did say.

Although it sounds like this season is focusing more on RickThe Walking Dead is by now pretty practiced at giving us a bit of every character’s journey. After being imprisoned by Negan last season, Reedus assured us Daryl is looking to get some payback.

"Daryl’s just out for revenge at this point," Reedus told the outlet. "He’s tired of playing around. He’s tired of waiting, and there are several moments this whole season where Daryl pretty much goes rogue. "He wants to do something faster and quicker, which might not be the smartest thing to do, but he’s just fed up. He’s ready for revenge."

Is it wrong that we’re reeeeally into rogue Daryl? Because we’re really into rogue Daryl.

But we’re also a little worried about the damage Daryl could cause, because Reedus was quick to point out how Daryl has grown from the beginning of the series. Now he’s not just a hothead — he’s a wise hothead who’s learned how to plan.

So revenge-seeking Daryl + chess-master Daryl? Yikes!

"You know, he started off as such a hot head, and he would just blow up at anything. Now he’s kind of still quiet at times. He looks at all the chess pieces on the board now instead of saying 'I have the queen, I’m just going to plow through everyone.' "He really looks to see what pieces you got and [what] he has and what he can do with them. He’s more studied now and he’s become wiser."

We don’t want to rush this season of The Walking Dead because we’ll be so sad when it’s over. But we’re so excited to see where this all goes.

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