Everything we know about The Walking Dead’s new spin-off game

Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s The Walking Dead comic series has spawned enough reincarnations, spin-offs, and related properties that while we’re sure we could count them, it seems like a pretty sizable task. The latest, a miniseries from Telltale Games, is particularly exciting: it features our favorite, samurai-sword wielding badass (and generally one of our favorite characters in both the comic and the AMC television series): Michonne.

According to EW, The Walking Dead: Michonne was previewed at the 2015 Game Awards, along with the announcement of Telltale’s upcoming episodic Batman series. The trailer for the three episode series provides a tantalizing hint at the game, which will delve into what pulls Michonne away from her group, and the events that eventually lead her back. It features some sword action, as well as zombies (duh) and even a ship! As with most thing in the TWD universe, the plot cleverly ties into Kirkman’s comics, telling Michonne’s story between issues 126 and 139.

In the game, Michonne will be voiced by Orange Is The New Black’s Samira Wiley, whom we love. Fans may wonder why Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on the AMC series The Walking Dead, isn’t voicing the character. In fact, there was a lot of speculation regarding whether she would after the game was first announced, because Michonne in the miniseries looks more like Michonne in the comics rather than Gurira herself (and nerds notice these details). We don’t know the answer, but we’d venture a guess that Gurira is pretty busy writing plays and being generally amazing.

Of course, all silver linings must come with clouds (we know, it’s a flawed metaphor, but stick with us): the game, which was initially set to launch this year, won’t arrive until February 2016. It’s OK, we promise you can wait that long—it’s only a couple months away. The Walking Dead: Michonne will be available for consoles, PC, Mac, and mobile devices, meaning you can basically play the miniseries anywhere—and we’re pretty confident that you will. (Or at least, you will want to.)

In the meantime, check out the trailer:

(Image via YouTube)