“The Walking Dead” set to “Yakety Sax” is weirdly perfect

With a show as intense as AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s good to sometimes lighten things up a bit and laugh. One YouTube user decided to do just that by adding the theme music from The Benny Hill Show to the chase sequence from last Sunday’s episode, and now things suddenly have a whole new meaning.

For those who aren’t caught up, last Sunday’s episode featured a chase sequence between Rick, Daryl, and newcomer Jesus. While the original scene was tense and serious, it’s hard to worry when the exact same images are accompanied by “Yakety Sax,” the music of Benny Hill.

In fact, once you’ve seen the Benny Hill version, it’s hard to picture things ever being that serious (aside from, you know, the zombies).

If this works for The Walking Dead, then just imagine what other shows could be completely changed simply by inserting a hilarious chase scene. Scandal? House of Cards? Game of Thrones? We might have just fixed all of Westeros’s problems.

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