Things got crazy on ‘The Voice’ last night, and it’s all thanks to the Internet

If your timelines were flooded with hashtags and desperate pleas last night, we might know why. For the first time this season, The Voice, which airs Tuesday nights on NBC, opened up their live elimination round to audience participation. Using what’s called “Instant Saves,” social media users were able to influence which of the eleven contestants remained and which were sent home in perhaps one of the tensest episodes ever.

This tension didn’t mean we weren’t able to see some awesome singing, of course. Both Team Pharrell and Team Blake gave some amazing group performances, including a rendition of “Lean One Me” by the great Bill Withers.

But now for the important part: who was saved? Here’s a full list:

1. Jordan Smith, Team Adam
2. Jeffery Austin, Team Gwen
3. Emily Ann Roberts, Team Blake
4. Madi Davis, Team Pharrell
5. Braiden Sunshine, Team Gwen
6. Barrett Baber, Team Blake
7. Amy Vachal, Team Adam
8. Evan McKeel, Team Pharrell
9. Zach Seabaugh, Team Blake

This left Mark Hood and Korin Bukowski. The two had a tight battle of the hits: It was Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” versus “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones.

Both renditions were amazing, but America made its decision and Hood went home.

However, Pharrell is adamant that Hood still has a bright future in music. And if Pharrell isn’t worried about Hood’s music career, then neither are we.

(Image via NBC)


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