“The Unraveling of Mercy Louis” tugs hard on your heartstrings

Every January, one of my resolutions is to read more. Not just stuff on my phone or the back of my box of Lucky Charms, but actual, bonafide books. And every year I figure out pretty quickly that the best way for me to stick to my promise is to find books that grab me immediately and don’t let go. “The Unraveling of Mercy Louis” is one of those books.

Set in the blistering heat of Southeast Texas, this novel is one part psychological thriller, one part mother-daughter-family saga, one part steamy young love story, and one part “The Crucible.” All of which adds up to one heck of a read.

The language is lyrical and the story beyond gripping, but what I enjoyed most about this emotional journey was its portrayal of some of the strongest, most nuanced female characters I’ve read in years. Every woman in the story is complicated, haunted, mysterious, and interesting in her own right. I could have spent an entire novel focusing on each of them individually. This is a book you can truly get lost in, and trust me, you will not want to be found.

The book, which comes out today, is available on Amazon.

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