The trailer for Will Smith’s new Netflix movie may actually give us nightmares

Since we’re big fans of pretty much everything he’s done in life, we’re super excited about Will Smith’s new Netflix movie Bright. Luckily, in the midst of the Oscar chaos, Netflix released a short teaser trailer to let us know what to expect.

And, uh. We can expect orcs. Quite a couple of them, mixed in with other fantasy creatures.

It’s safe to say that fans of Men In Black will truly dig the movie, since Smith plays a cop who’s out to get a few intriguing bad guys. Netflix reportedly paid $90 million for the film, which is pretty intense. (Then again, they laid out a lot of dough for The Crown, which ended up being a huge hit. So, they probably know what they’re doing.)

Watch Smith battle the bad guys (and gals) below:

Feeling excited? You should. The movie, which also stars Joel Edgerton as Smith’s orc partner-in-crime, looks like it’s got so much potential. But, now it’s time for the bad news. Bright will be released this December.

Yes. December 2017. Months away.

According to Engadget, Netflix is looking to franchise Bright, which makes a lot of sense. From the little we know, it seems to have everything that a movie needs to continue forward.

For now, we’ll just be anticipating the movie and trying really hard to not have nightmares over this creepy blue lady.


Save us, Will Smith!

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