The ‘Terminator’ is back with more badass lady-power

This summer will bring a brand new semi-rebooted, semi-re-imagined Terminator to our movie screens. It’s called Terminator Genisys and . . . wait a second, is that Emilia Clarke?? IT SURE IS. The Queen of Dragons is now taking on the iconic role of Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise. She’s here to save the world, save her son, and kick some major butt.

If there’s anyone who can fill the shoes of the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, it’s Clarke (she’s also sorta filling the shoes of Lena Headey, too, who played Sarah Connor for TV’s Sarah Connor Chronicles — it’s nice that we’re keeping this all in the Game of Thrones family).

In the first Terminator all the way back in 1984, Sarah starts off a regular girl, who learns that in the future her son will one day lead a resistance against Skynet (aka, those pesky Terminators). Sarah realizes she’s got to survive, and save her son, no matter what. Cue Hamilton turning completely baddass, starting her own resistance, riding motorcycles, carrying large guns, fightin’ the machines. Here’s Hamilton originating the totally b.a. role:

Now Terminator Genisys goes back in time (again) to find Sarah Connor and save her — except the past has been altered. (This also explains why Hamilton is reprising her role, they needed an actress who was roughly the same age Hamilton was in the mid ’80s.)

Genisys sets up a whole new Terminator timeline, and the newly-released trailer sets up a surprising twist that NO ONE sees coming. Oh, and Arnold’s in it, too. I mean, he SAID he’d be back.

Watch at your own risk, or just wait to be totally surprised when Genisys opens on July 1st.

Image via here.