The Swinton and The Uncle

She, is a thing of beauty. Androgynous, stately, Bowie with boobies. Oscar-winning, other worldly, could-be cousin of Conan (O’Brien). She is THE SWINTON and she is having a moment. A favorite among fashionistas and art-house movie buffs alike, Tilda Swinton is, in my mind, what would happen if Twiggy gave birth to Gollum’s baby. PURE ENCHANTMENT. With a tinge of suspicion. For example: She has admitted to attempting to kill one of her brothers when they were children. She also decided to stop speaking for five years. But that’s all in the past now and the future is THE SWINTON.

I feel like she just kind of lurks in the shadows behind velvet curtains until something or someone lures her out with an amazing opportunity … Like say, I don’t know, appearing in her doppelganger David Bowie’s freaky fresh new music video, thus leaving us all to wonder if they’re actually the same person and if they are, why do they get to have ALL of the talents??

Or, as of even more recently, being named the latest face of Chanel. Uncle Karl (Lagerfeld; cat pamperer, Diet Coke lover and Chanel’s creative director) casted and shot the new campaign himself, which will feature pieces from the Pre-Fall, Scottish-inspired collection. Swinton was technically born and raised in England, but she’s got family roots in Scotland and lives there now; which, along with her striking face and granddaddy-long-legs, made her the obvious choice:

Le freak, c’est chic!

Featured image via WWD