This ’20s-inspired cover of The Strokes’ “Someday” is exactly what we needed

Yesterday, Postmodern Jukebox posted a video that has us hitting “re-play” over and over again. The black-and-white clip features songstress Cristina Gatti as she croons The Strokes’ 2002 rock hit “Someday.” She manages to make us feel as though we’re in a comfy jazz club on a warm autumn night, and it’s sultry and wonderful.

From the moment Gatti begins to sing, we can imagine ourselves surrounded by a sea of swaying people – who just so happen to be wearing quintessential ’20s outfits. It’s safe to say that this group transports us to a completely different era and we don’t mind one bit.

If we were to describe this cover in one word, we’d go for this one: smooth. Aside from Cristina’s silky vocals, the band is perfectly in sync. Because they’re incredibly talented and their playing comes off as effortless, listening to them work their magic will make you feel 100% relaxed.

After you finish listening to this rendition, go back and refresh your memory. Listen to the original “Someday.” Pay attention to the fact that it is most definitely a rock tune and then ask yourself this: How in the world did this band come up with their jazz version? Magic, perhaps?

Interestingly enough, the inspiration may have come from the popular classic film Casablanca. “Cristina Gatti is back, bringing her timeless voice to our version of The Strokes’ ‘Someday’ — remade as though it was played in Rick’s Café Américain from the 1942 film, Casablanca. After all, the lead singer of The Strokes *is* named Julian Casablancas,” is written in the video’s description.

After watching just this one video, it’s safe to say that we’ve subscribed for more!

[Image via YouTube]

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