The Steve Madden platform sandals you begged your mom for in the ’90s are BACK

If you were a young person in the ’90s, you likely fell into one of two camps: you either had a pair of Steve Madden platform sandals or you wanted a pair. The iconic chunky black slide was the shoe of the decade, and we’ve got some truly exciting news…they’re BACK, y’all.

Yes, Steve Madden’s “Slinky” slide is officially coming back, and it’s about to make all our throwback outfits even better. Now we can relive our ’90s  fantasies all over again.


The slides are back in stock and available for pre-order on Steve Madden’s website now. So hurry up and scoop up the Slinky style before all the ’90s nostalgia devotees beat you to it!

And if you’re in the mood to really lean into the decade, we suggest pairing them with some butterfly clips and a cropped tee. Since sliders are so in right now, it feels especially appropriate to bring this style back from the grave. The chunky flatform with a stretchy elastic strap is still iconic even twenty years later, and we’re glad Steve Madden agrees. We can’t wait to get our hands on a pair and relive all of our childhood dreams.


The ’90s are calling (on a phone with a really long cord), and we’re answering.