The SNL Target parking lot sketch is for everyone dreading the holidays

Going home for Thanksgiving dinner is tough on anyone. Going home after this election cycle might be downright frightful. Thankfully, Saturday Night Live understands all of our feels about being home for the holidays. The SNL Target parking lot sketch from Saturday’s show was just perfect if you’ve ever tried to escape your house for just a minute.

The sketch features Cecily Strong in her car while a narrator walks you through escape. The fake ad says really sells the Target parking lot when it comes to space and activities, like watching your breath on the window or moving your seat around. Either way, Target’s parking lot gives you the space to be away from your family. Once inside, Target offers Strong a place to wander around aimlessly. She lays down and finds a flask in can of Playdoh. Wait, have the SNL writers been reading my diary?

The only missed opportunity here was not having Kristen Wiig, who hosted on Saturday night, in the sketch and reprise her old “Target lady” character. But really, it was just fine on its own.

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