Call me morbid, but The Smiths lyrics fit perfectly with Peanuts comics

Heaven knows Charlie Brown is miserable now. Some genius has made the connection between the tragic-comic lyrics of The Smiths and The Peanuts cartoons. And all is right with the world. As I’m sure you can imagine, The Smiths bring a twist of darkness to the childhood images, making our beloved Peanuts characters appear deeply existential and a little moody. (As if they weren’t before?)

So, where on Earth did these creative comics come from, you ask? Oakland-based graphic designer Lauren LoPrete is responsible for running a Tumblr, appropriately named “This Charming Charlie” (a la The Smith’s “This Charming Man”). Here’s a preview of more of her work:

Go forth and read more, you little charmers. I swear, this is a charming meeting of the minds.