“The Simpsons” predicted the Fox/Disney merger way back in 1998

The Walt Disney Company is expanding their ever-growing empire: Disney just bought 21st Century Fox for a total of $52.4 billion. This union of two huge Hollywood corporations is a big deal.

Streaming services like Netflix have served as tough competition for Disney, and this move appears to be in response to that. Once the merger is complete, Disney will own Fox’s movie studio and regional sports networks, their stake in Hulu, and cable channels FX and National Geographic.

While the rest of us found out about this today, December 14th, it appears someone else might have known about it a long time ago. The Simpsons definitely predicted the Disney/Fox merger back in 1998, and there’s proof.

LOL. Leave it to The Simpsons to outsmart us all.

Considering the fact that The Simpsons has previously predicted things like FaceTime technology, Donald Trump becoming president, and Lady Gaga’s halftime show, you have to wonder if their writing staff might consist of at least a few clairvoyants.

Oh, and side note: If you were planning on catching up on your favorite Disney movies on Netflix, you better do it soon: Disney’s going to be pulling its content from Netflix as the company prepares to launch two of their own streaming services. One can only assume that their streaming services will include Disney favorites as well as Fox classics, so start saving up for a new subscription service.

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