‘The Simpsons’ like you’ve never seen them before

In cool Internet news: The Simpsons just got pixelated. This show’s opener has been on the receiving end of several well-known remakes, including one by artist and political activist Banksy. However, it’s safe to say that this new one, recently released by Australian animators Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon, might be our favorite one yet.

The team paired up with musician Jeremy Dower to create a synthesized soundtrack to the opener, and this new Simpsons intro encapsulates everything we love (and miss) about retro gaming.

There’s the 8-bit animation, which transforms Springfield into a world like we’ve never seen before. We get a little nod to our favorite video games of yore as Bart Simpson races down the street on his skateboard and earns some power-ups along the way.

There are even a few video game Easter eggs hidden within the intro, including a Mario mushroom and Pac-Man fruits. The best part, hands-down, is the couch gag at the end.

Forget everything you think you know about these Simpsons – it’s like someone took the final level of every game we’ve tried to beat and put it together into one trippy sequence.

We can only say so much about this awesome video – you’ll just have to click the link below and see for yourself (and don’t feel bad if you catch yourself humming the theme later).

Check it out here.