The Simple Life just turned 15, and Paris Hilton’s Instagram tribute includes the most clutch detail

Millennials…you might want to sit down. It’s been 15 whole years since The Simple Life premiered. That’s right: The show that launched heiress Paris Hilton and music royalty Nicole Richie into the limelight—and basically began celebrity-driven reality TV as we know it—could technically be a sophomore in high school. And we feel old (but also, incredibly grateful to have witnessed the show in all its glory).

For those who don’t remember, the reality series followed the Beverly Hills-based socialites as they adventured into “real” America and worked low-wage jobs. We’re talking farm work, fast food, and even camp counseling—often to hilarious and insane ends. The show ran from 2003 to 2007.

And Paris Hilton just shared the ultimate tribute post about the series on Instagram.

While we love everything about this, we have to admit there’s one detail in particular we love the most: Tinkerbell, aka Paris Hilton’s tiny Chihuahua who accompanied the ladies on all their adventures (and whom we have’t thought about in years). Tinkerbell passed in 2015 after 14 beautiful years and what we can only imagine was a fabulous life.

RIP, little one. We’ll be reminiscing about all things The Simple Life today in your honor.

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