Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed which face wash he uses every day, and it’s surprisingly affordable

Dwayne Johnson is known for his great personality and body-builder physique, but don’t you kind of want to know how he keeps his skin glowing? Well, thanks to Cosmopolitan sex and relationships editor Ali Drucker, the world now knows what face wash The Rock uses, and quite frankly, it’s pretty normal.

Drucker asked the Baywatch star on Twitter what his skincare routine is and, gregarious as always, Johnson was happy to answer. He keeps a tight schedule most of the time, according to the man himself. Because of his busy schedule, Johnson sometimes averages just a few hours of sleep before hitting the gym and then going about his business.

So what does he use on his radiant visage? Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser. Yes, the one and only $7 drugstore cleanser that pretty much every human being has tried at some point. Seriously, if you’ve never had a tube in your shower (whether it was yours or your college roommate’s) are you even alive?

The rest of The Rock’s skin care routine is not quite as no-frills.

It gets a little more complicated after the drugstore face wash. The Rock said that after washing his face, he uses Lancer The Method: Polish & Glow, which retails for $89, to clean out his pores, and then is likely to finish it off with some Crème de la Mer face cream.

As you can see from the tweet below, he also recommends a little tequila now and then — but not for your face, since that would probably burn. But to relax a little after you impulse buy some face cream for $100.

Neutrogena was happy to hear that The Rock soaps up with its product every day. The company responded to the Twitter thread, writing, “When you’re this hard-working, of course you need powerful products. Thanks for the love!”

The Rock doesn’t have any sponsorships with the skin care company yet, but he may have just made himself a deal! We, on the other hand, will be running out to cop some Neutrogena face wash and tequila. The Crème de la Mer and Lancer might have to wait for the next paycheck cycle. But if it’s good enough for The Rock, why not?