The Rock just officiated a surprise wedding for his number one fan

Nick Mundy, a correspondent for Screen Junkies, is pretty obsessed with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And as Screen Junkies reports, the obsession is now pretty mutual. Host Hal Rudnick explains on the show that,”What started out as one superfan’s obsession has blossomed into a full-blown bromance.” The two joke during interviews, tweet each other “Happy Birthdays,” and while Nick refers to Dwayne as his “friend,” The Rock refers to Nick as”my good buddy, my main man, my G,” as well as “my f—ing best friend.”

So, when Nick went to interview Dwayne about his latest movie “San Andreas,” The Rock decided to surprise his good buddy by officiating Nick’s surprise wedding.

The Rock teamed up with Screen Junkies (becoming a “very special correspondent”) and Nick’s fiancee Dilara to make it all happen. Nick shows up for the interview in his baseball cap and American flag shorts and gets the surprise of his life when he walks right into HIS OWN WEDDING. The results are SO FUNNY and too presh for words.

Okay, video time!