The Rock just donated $1500 to help this puppy who was named after him

Thanksgiving is usually all about humans, but what about the great pets that have something to be thankful for? One pup is a little happier today after some humans, including one very famous actor, banded together to get him the medical care he needs.

Earlier this month, animal rescue foundation Saving SPOT launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for surgery for a 4-month-old puppy that was rescued from a pretty dire situation. According to shelter employees, the pup was found with a metal wire wrapped around his bottom jaw and, after a thorough medical examination, it was discovered that the poor dog also suffers from a grade 5 heart murmur.

To treat the dog, affectionately dubbed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Saving SPOT was asking for $5000. Early efforts were going well, but they got a major boost when the pup’s namesake decided to chip in, too.

According to ABC News, the real Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson heard about the pup via Buffy and Harriet the Spy actress Michelle Trachtenberg.

By the next morning, Johnson responded to the tweet and donated a game-changing $1500 to the campaign, leaving a heartfelt message of support that read, “Stay strong lil’ Rock! Let’s get you taken care of, healed up and feeling better for Christmas. Plus you have a VERY cool name to uphold;). Got your back ~ Dwayne J.” With help from Johnson, the campaign has now raised $5,790, much more than its original goal. We’d call that a Thanksgiving miracle if we’ve ever seen one.

(Image via Walt Disney Pictures.)