The Right Swipe: Meet Lindsey and Jason, Los Angeles lovebirds who met on Tinder

Welcome to The Right Swipe, HelloGiggles’ celebration of lasting love that started with a swipe. Check back each month to meet a new couple that found love online—and remind yourself that dating apps don’t have to suck.

You’ve probably heard that dating in L.A. is a nightmare—according to the local lore, everyone’s superficial, no one’s looking for anything real, and no one stays in the city long enough to really make a relationship work. But Jason and Lindsey found love in La La Land and made it stick—and they found it by swiping on Tinder. The pair tied the knot in April 2019 after three years together, and they still call Los Angeles home. Take that, urban legend.

I swiped right because…

Jason: She was cute and looked like a nice, friendly person.

Lindsey: He was handsome and I liked that he was from out of state, too (Houston).


On our first date we…

Met up on a Wednesday for sushi near the Glendale Galleria. Jason wanted to prolong the date, so he suggested we get some frozen yogurt after sushi.

On our first date I thought…

Jason: Lindsey was a good person and I enjoyed talking with her. We had a lot in common and had similar views on family/school/work/etc.

Lindsey: Jason was cute and friendly. But, and he will say this too, we didn’t really have “sparks” or “butterflies” after our first date. That happened more after our second date, which was a hike.

I knew I wanted to be together…

Jason: After I kissed her. ?

Lindsey: LOL, Jason! Our first kiss he kissed me and legit RAN AWAY. I tease him about it now.

I knew we wanted to be together after we handled big life events together and I truly felt he was my partner and best friend. We both changed jobs, moved apartments (into a place together), unfortunately dealt with deaths in both of our families, and encountered health issues.


I used a dating app because…

Jason: It was recommended to me by a friend and I was curious about the dating app experience. I also didn’t know a lot of people in Los Angeles and I wanted to get out and be social and see new places.

Lindsey: I was just trying to meet people. I moved to L.A. knowing one person and I figured if I could at least make some friendships out of it, it would be worth it.

What advice would you give to someone who is using dating apps and looking for something real?

Jason: Keep your intentions lined up with your actions.

Lindsey: Just be yourself and be honest—and have fun, too! Not every date has to have the hopes of being “the one.” We laugh now because we went back and looked at our first convo on the app and it is seriously so boring. It was definitely better talking in person.


What was your attitude toward online dating when you were using apps?

Jason: I wasn’t a fan of it, but it worked out! You never really know how your online date will be until you meet them in person. I know Lindsey has said she was looking to meet new people and I’m not sure if she really enjoyed using the app or not.

Lindsey: I was fine with it just because I didn’t know how else to meet eligible bachelors in LA. Jason and I got lucky because from the start we were ourselves and didn’t try to “put on” or be something we weren’t. Trust me, I went on a lot of terrible dates before Jason. Some good things came out of them, but it all helps you figure out what you really want. That all being said—I was very happy to delete Tinder when the time came.

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