The Revolution Will Be Televised: PBS Makes History With Lady Co-Anchors

For the first time in network broadcast history, two lovely female journalists will take the reigns as co-anchors on a nightly news program. Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, who last covered the RNC and DNC together on PBS, have been named the new co-hosts of the network’s long-running NewsHour. PBS is totally pumped about their decision, but not just because of the historical significance. It’s historical and diverse and hello, they’re way qualified

Ifill has moderated several past presidential debates and has joined forces with Woodruff “on endless panels … discussing women in journalism.”

NewsHour was originally launched in 1975, functioning under a carousel of names that revolved around its long-time hosts, Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil. By 2011, both men had retired from the program, which has gone through several co-anchor changes since then. But PBS is aiming for permanence with Ifill and Woodruff, and you can catch them on NewsHour starting in September.

Featured image via Jezebel

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