The Pros & Cons of Dating a Superhero

They’re usually tall and strong. Sometimes they’re strong and silent.

“Strong” is a pretty common descriptor.

It seems like a no-brainer, right? Succumb to the charm and chiseled jaw of your favorite superhero – or charm and curves of your favorite super heroine -, and you can officially say you are dating a bonafide saver-of-lives, right?

But it can’t all be flights over the city in his arms, can it? There have got to be some ups and downs to the perfect significant other, right?

Here’s what I assume (because God knows I’m not attracting Clark Kent, no matter how perfect my hair is when I leave the house) are the ups and downs. If Lois Lane or Pepper Potts want to set me straight, I’m pretty easy to track down.

Pro: You’re pretty guaranteed to survive an apocalypse. I mean, if you’re dating the guy or girl who’s going to save the day, they’re going to save you first. So you can do away with the Doom’s Day bunker, the cache of canned vegetables, and devote your energies to helping those less fortunate ride out the insanity of an alien attack or zombie bombardment.

Con: You’re pretty guaranteed to be in the middle of any apocalypse situation. You’re just going to have accept this. I really don’t think that you can avoid it. The good guys tend to attract the super-villans.

Pro: They’re generally pretty amazing looking. I mean, come on. They aren’t really real. I know that. BUT IF YOU WERE DATING ONE IT WOULD BE REAL AND OH MY GOD.

Con: They’re generally really good looking. Can you wander around in front of a superhero in your oldest yoga pants and ratty tank top with your hair in some kind of bun that resembles the burrow of a small woodland creature? I don’t know if I’d ever feel comfortable with that.

Pro: They’ve got to be a good person. They are literally saving babies and kittens and people weaker than themselves or just saving the world in general, so you can assume they’re pretty decent in the soul department.

Con: Your needs are probably not going to be high on the totem pole. Obviously, this is okay, but it’s nice to be the center of attention once in a while at least with the person you’re dating.

Pro: Fashion sense They wear form-fitting things in bright colors and probably get ready a lot faster than you do. Look at Superman. Into the phone booth, DONE.

Con: Fashion sense Lycra and capes. Need I say more?

Obviously, it would be pretty freaking special to date a superhero. They’re good hearted albeit generally pretty damaged in some way, shape or form. They’re easy on the eyes.

But really, do you want to be in the vicinity when the Chitauri send their gigantic, segmented insect-like dragon things to take over?

I don’t.

Feature Image via Teaser-Trailer

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