Just Let it Out, With “Teardrop”

You should never underestimate the power of emotion. Releasing pent up feelings can free you from any personal struggle. Or at the very least, make the pain a million times easier to bear. Teardrop, by NYT Best Selling Author Lauren Kate, (*we’re giving away FREE copies of this book! Details below.) is a thrilling and complex story about the emotional healing process. How to overcome loss, and how to press on, even when you feel like there’s nothing left to live for.

Eureka Boudreaux is a seventeen year old girl living in Louisiana. On a road trip with her mother, a giant rogue wave crashes through the bridge that they’re driving across and pushes the car into the sea below. Eureka survives, but her mother does not. As she struggles to cope with the loss of her mother, she begins to learn more about herself and her unique family tree. Sure, Eureka was happy to accept the broken locket, the gauze covered rock, and the old book written in a language Eureka can’t understand, that her mother left to her in her will. But the last thing she expected to learn was how these strange items have the power to protect her and her family from the danger that’s closing in all around her.

Why is she in danger, you ask? Oh, because her tears have the power to raise the lost continent of Atlantis. Yeah. Eureka is not only a strong and beautifully broken female lead, but she’s also a descendant to the “Tearline” and if she were to weep, her tears could potentially flood the world and raise Atlantis from the depths of the sea. She hasn’t cried since she was a child. And the last time she did, her mother sternly warned her to never cry again. Now she knows why. Her emotions are in-tune with the weather. And there are people that know this that want her dead.

But how is she supposed to use her newfound abilities and her mother’s trinkets to protect herself and the ones she loves? Well, this isn’t just a story about coping with loss, it’s also about falling in love.

Ander pops up out of the blue one day and mesmerizes Eureka in an instant. He’s tall and strong with wavy blond hair and turquoise eyes that never break contact with hers. He doesn’t just stare at her, he studies her. He also shows up wherever she is. He makes her protective male bestie, Brooks, very uncomfortable. And at first, Eureka thinks he’s dangerous. Then she finds herself in dangerous situations with no way out until Ander arrives and gets her to safety. The people in her life that she trusts start to betray her, and she has no choice but to learn to trust Ander.

Then she learns that he was there the day her mother died. He was involved in the accident. He has special powers of his own.

How is Eureka supposed to keep from crying when everything in her life starts to crumble? And will her tears REALLY flood the world? That can’t be true, can it? Will she have to choose between Brooks (who is clearly in love with her) and this new mystery guy who might have killed her mother and also doesn’t seem human?

In your search for answers to these questions, you will not be able to put this book down. The mythology, the emotion, the passion, and the pain, they’re all brilliantly entangled into a story that’ll make you weep. Teardrop is available now, so get your copy here.

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