The police were alerted in Scotland after someone put cheese and chocolate on toast

This is just proof that people take snacks seriously. Houda from London innocently tweeted a snack she had “invented,” and let’s just say that the internet just wasn’t ready for it. Probably because the invention in question was chocolate and cheese on toast.

Now, all three of these items are positively delicious on their own. But together? That’s another story. Houda, however, stands by her concoction, so maybe it’s a “don’t knock it ’til you try it” situation. But, let’s just say that it’s doubtful that chocolate and cheese would ever replace a truly classic combo, like chocolate and peanut butter. false

Maybe it’s the picture that caused such a reaction. While she did get some support…

…most of her responses were pretty negative.

But perhaps the best response was from a man from Glasgow, Scotland named Jack Young. Young was so offended by the mere idea of chocolate and cheese, that he made sure his local police were aware of the crime.

We have to admit, the whole thing is pretty hysterical. And currently, around 22,000 accounts favorited Young’s funny tweet. While the police have yet to respond — probably because they’re too busy helping stop actual crimes — some people still had a few ideas of how Houda should be punished.

But, no matter what, Houda did something pretty daring when she posted that tweet, which is currently (and proudly) pinned to the top of her Twitter profile. She dared people to try something out of the ordinary. And, while the mere thought of chocolate and cheese made a few people feel ill, others willingly gave the strange combo a shot…and openly admitted that they kind of liked it.

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