The Pinkprint Movie: Nicki Minaj’s real heartbreak inspires an emotional 16-minute short

This mini-movie shows a softer side of Nicki Minaj, far from the “Female Weezy” normally featured in her popular bass-thumping videos. Barbz were aware Nicki was newly single because on social media she’s been vocal about how her recent breakup from Safaree “SB” Samuels almost crushed her spirit, and during the promotional tour for her new album, The Pinkprint, Nicki Minaj shared with the media her honest feelings about being single for the first time in over 12 years. In one of her best interviews this week she told Angie Martinez,

More sad news surfaced today: Nicki Minaj posted some Tweets responding to the recently emerged rumors about Safaree Samuels, who is allegedly trying to blackmail Nicki with videos. In her Tweets, she still mentions how hard she tried to protect him and support his dreams to be famous.

Although these developments are very, very fresh, Nicki has never been one to shy away from expressing herself and The Pinkprint is her most introspective album yet. On tracks, “I Lied,” “All Things Go,” “Grand Piano,” and “The Crying Game,” you get pop/rap ballads by Onika, a deeply reflective artist who pours her emotions into her music. To go along with those songs Nicki just dropped “The Pinkprint Movie.” It’s a beautifully dark 16-minute breakup fantasy that ties all four songs together and narrates the story of an unhealthy relationship. It’s gorgeous, confusing, powerful, and theatrical just like Nicki.

(Tweets via Vibe/Nicki Minaj, Image via Nicki Minaj)

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