The Perks of Being a Mess

All my life I’ve been told certain things that have hindered the way I like to express myself. Things such as; “No, I don’t think having a baby buffalo live in your closet is a good idea!” or “No, I don’t think having your whole life composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber would be cool!” but mainly I’ve been told “You are the messiest person I know.” When people say that to me I have this urge to say, “Merci, monsieur!” Although for some reason everyone seems to think that being messy is a bad thing and to those people I say, “My life is so much more exciting than yours!”

If you’re one of those cynical clean people, let me explain to you why my life est mieux. When you wake up in the morning, do that weird yawning stretch thing we all do, and then you step out of bed into the slippers that you positioned there the night before. All very nice, your feet never touch the cold hard floor, keeping you in a comfortable comatose state.  But, when I wake up my adventure starts! It’s similar to those games you’d play when you were little where you had to hop around on the floor avoiding lava, except for me it’s usually to avoid sharp and unidentifiable objects that might be residing  on my floor. My stuff masks the floor similar to the way a book store and a thrift store would if they had a love child. Said love child would then explode creating the awesomeness that is my room.

Another advantage of being messy is that some people (not all) have this idea that they are superior to you. Now most of you don’t see how this is a good thing, but let me assure you it is. The advantage is that when you end up looking or doing something “normal” everyone is so impressed = instant confidence booster. When my room is what a normal person would deem messy, everyone thinks that it is clean. Take that Charlie Sheen because I am now winning! Also people are always volunteering to clean for you… the lazy person inside of me loves this! I sit on my bed and talk to friends while they fold my laundry for me. But even they are unable to find matching socks, hence the reason my socks never match.  Take that dryer monster who eats my socks, you can’t stop me!

The best part about being messy is….drumroll please…. I am never bored! There is always something to do. If I start to clean my room I find all these fantastic things I didn’t even know I had, it’s like shopping, but you don’t have to leave the house, interact with pushy employees and best of all it’s free. Last week I found a ukelele under my bed! Score! This lead to me attempting to learn the ukelele for the next two hours. Can any of you clean people say that they found a ukelele under their bed? Nope, henceforth they don’t have a good story.  Or, when you find that unidentifiable crumb on your floor. There’s always that little piece of excitement trying to guess what it is. Should I smell it? Maybe I should lick it? The fantastic feeling you get when you discover its a cookie crumb. Awesome! I always have snacks.

Being messy really is a lifestyle choice, it’s not a bad thing, but really a way to get to know yourself better. You spend a lot of time talking to yourself while trying to remember where you put stuff. But hey, life’s an adventure and I think your house should be too!

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