Get your nails ready for fall with the perfect plum polish

The weather may or may not be ready to fully embrace the cooling autumn season, but you are! Especially if you’re the type who follows Pumpkin Spice Latte on Twitter, plans dates to pumpkin patches and thinks the sound of fallen leaves crunching underneath your feet is music to your ears. If you’re also converting your makeup to be fall-ready, you should start with your nails!

Indie polish brand Floss Gloss came up with this impeccable plum shade called “Smoke on the Nail.” Brilliant, right? While they say the color is inspired by classic ‘70s band, Deep Purple, it might also personally conjure up some ‘90s feelings for you, as it did to me. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Chanel’s Vamp, which was thee beauty productof that era and is conjuring up just enough 1995 nostalgia for me to want to dig out my My So-Called Life box set. Care to join me for a slumber party-slash-Angela Chase marathon?

Smoke on the Nail polish, $8

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(Product shots via Floss Gloss)