The people behind Instagram’s famous rose gold serum have a new one coming out called UNICORN TEARS

Right now, the concept of a mythical creature weeping into our skin sounds hauntingly beautiful (and like a possible fairytale omen). Thanks to the people behind Instagram’s famous rose gold serum there’s a brand new elixir coming out called “Unicorn Tears” that will enable all of us to moisturize our faces with the magical power of a unicorn’s tears before applying our makeup. The ambitious brand full of luxury beauty oils named Farsali first took the internet by storm when they released the shiny gold-flecked serum that immediately ascended the ranks of beauty blogger recommendations. We’re dying to get our hands on this new product!

But now, starting on December 7, their new elixir will be available!

It’s an oil-free formula that’s suitable for most skin types and can be used as a gentle daily primer before applying makeup or heavier moisturizers.

Although the frolicking tears of unicorns aren’t available for purchase yet, you can leave a comment to pre-order a bottle on the Farsali website.

Act fast though, because before we know it, the unicorn tears will dry up.

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If the new Unicorn Tears elixir from Farsali is half as successful as the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, then next month the world of beauty blogging will be abundant with vloggers glowing the benefits of mythical sadness.

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