The “Peeno Noir”/Jaqen H’ghar mashup you’ve always wanted is finally here

Know what perfectly mashes together? Peeno Noir and Jaqen H’ghar.

FOR REAL. Say those two things out loud — to yourself or others, doesn’t matter — and realize that both things perfectly slide right off the tongue, and obviously deserve their own catchy theme song, too. Just take one part Kimmy Schmidt, one part Game of Thrones, mix them together, and we’ve got the best, and also strangest, riff on our favorite Faceless Man.

We’ve never heard “Valar morghulis” sung quite like this before, and now we never want it to stop. Actually, it’s “Morghulis, valar / Revenge will be spectacular!” but you really need to have the tune of the song in your head for this to work. And trust, it’ll be magnificent.

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