The opening sequence of ‘Scream Queens’ is just bananas

American Horror Story isn’t the only Ryan Murphy show we’re ecstatic for this season. He’s got another — brand new! – show in the works, that feels like it’s a mix of AHS and maybe… Glee? It’s hard to figure out exactly what Scream Queens is going to be like, but whatever it is, we’re already huge fans.

Ahead of its series premiere, Fox has released its super-sized opening credit sequence. It involves a lot of screaming. So far, Scream Queens is living up to its name.

This is also our first real look at the members and pledges of Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, too, but it’s hard to get a real good look at them, because you know, they’re all terrified and screaming. There’s already a lot of mystery, mayhem, and murder, and this is only the extended 1:40 minuet opening! UGH, can’t wait for a full hour of this. And the first episode is actually going to be TWO HOURS.

From what we’re seeing here, it’s going to be gloriously campy and super ’80s. It’s everything we hoped Scream Queens would be, and more. The members of KTT (and their friends) are being targeted by their college’s mascot, the Red Devil, and he’s all over this opening as well. He’s scaring Emma Roberts with a knife, setting Skylar Samuels on fire (not literally), and creepin’ up on Lea Michele.

And maybe because I’ve watched too much True Detective, I feel like there are all sorts of CLUES hidden in this opening. What’s with the thumbs up, Michele? Do you really mean to wink while being locked inside a coffin, Diego Boneta? WHO’S BEHIND THE RED DEVIL MASK? We’ll find that out for real when Scream Queens premieres on September 22nd. In the mean time, scream-along to the opening credits below.

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We are scary psyched for Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens

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