Relationships get really, really complicated in the trailer for “The Only Living Boy in New York”

Relationships are complicated, and stories about how complicated they can be always win our hearts. So naturally, the trailer for The Only Living Boy in New York already has us falling in love.

The story centers on Thomas (Callum Turner, aka the future Theseus Scamander), a young man in a seemingly boring world that gets turned on its head. He’s “friend-zoned” by a woman he has feelings for, Mimi (Kiersey Clemons), but meets W.F. Gerald (Jeff Bridges) — a mysterious new grizzled neighbor, who encourages the young man to take action to change his situation.

And, from there, things go awry.

While attempting to impress Mimi, he ends up catching his father (Pierce Brosnan) cheating on his mother (Cynthia Nixon) with another woman, Johanna (Kate Beckinsale). Things become even more convoluted when he eventually confronts Johanna. She turns out to be nothing like he expected, and their relationship becomes nothing like, well, either of them expected.

Specifically, Thomas develops feelings for Johanna just as he’s finally beginning to win over Mimi. And, of course, since Johanna is involved with his dad, things get crazy. Not to mention, his mom seems to have no idea about any of this.

So, it’s complicated.

The movie is directed by Marc Webb, who helmed the beloved indie heartbreaker 500 Days of Summer. And you can certainly see some of the same elements that we loved about that film seeping into this one.

Like, there’s a complicated female lead who seems to understand her relationships — and the men she’s having them with — better than the men do themselves. Needless to say, we’re so excited to see The Only Living Boy in New York when it lands in theaters on August 11th.

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