Zooey Deschanel shared this super relatable parenting struggle on “The Ellen Degeneres Show”

Flying on an airplane with a baby is a struggle no matter who you are and even though Zooey Deschanel is a bonafide A-lister (along with being our all-time favorite human), she recently discovered a negative aspect of traveling with her daughter Elsie Otter. Whether it’s making sure your child is safe and comfortable or fretting that the rest of the passengers are judging you for having a crying baby, airplane travel with a baby is no easy feat. And Deschanel said on The Ellen Degeneres Show, while promoting her new film Trolls, that there’s a whole new issue for families traveling with babies that she was pretty disappointed to learn firsthand.

As Deschanel told Degeneres, some airlines no longer let people with babies board the airplane before other passengers.

While Deschanel joked that this flying perk was one of the reasons she chose to have a child in the first place, in reality she was bummed that she was not able to board the airplane first with her husband Jacob Pechenik and their daughter Elsie with all of their baby gear.


"They stop letting people go first with babies and there's so much stuff and I was really excited about this privilege that you get to get on first if you have a baby," Deschanel said.

If you’ve ever been super stressed about flying with a baby, it was a little bonus that you could settle into your seats early.

"It's hard enough to travel with a baby — you've got all kinds of stuff. Let the mothers and babies on the plane first before anybody else," Degeneres said to the crowd.

Along with having this totally relatable parenting struggle, Deschanel also revealed that she flies coach like the True American she is (what a champ!). So while the winds of airline protocol are changing when it comes to baby boarding, it can be a little consolation to know that down-to-earth celebs like Deschanel feel your pain.

Be sure to catch Trolls — it’s playing in theaters now!