The Official ‘Ghostbusters’ LEGOs Are Coming Our Way

Sure, Ghostbusters may have come out 30 years ago this year, but that doesn’t mean love for the film has died down at all. Super fan Bret Waller created a Ghostbusters LEGO set based on his favorite film which he hoped would be distributed by the toy brand, and what started as a labor of love is now being picked up for full distribution! YESSSS!

The full set will hit stores in June and will retail for $50. It’ll include a new Ecto-1 model and four minifigs, which are totally awesome, as you can tell by the photo. Gizmodo got hands on with the set and admits it’s a little more style over function, but that’s totally okay in this case, we think – it LOOKS cool, and isn’t that enough?

Happy 30th birthday, Ghostbusters!