13 times you wished your office was like “The Office”

Even the most avid Netflix viewers know that life isn’t like what you see on TV. That said, after watching The Office, it can be reeeeally hard not to daydream about what it would be like if it was — especially after a dreary Tuesday in the office, when you really wish Jim Halpert was there to play pranks on your office’s own personal Dwight. Here are all the times we all wished our workplace was like The Office, because it doesn’t hurt to dream.

1. When you’re having a good day

And you need to celebrate like this:


2. When you’re having a bad day

And you need to SCREAM like this:


3. When you really, really have to give someone an air five


Because you need a Pam or a Jim who can coordinate it perfectly with you.

4. When you’re not feeling productive at all


And you wish you could just play with weird unicorn Barbies instead.

5. Literally any time something weird happens


Why can’t there be a camera around for you to stare at, Jim Halpert-style?

6. Whenever you’re around that one coworker you hate



7. When adulting is hard and you just really need a puppy


Specifically, one as cute as this.

8. When you felt like your office just didn’t honor holidays as much as they should


Well, not as much as Michael Scott, that’s for sure. I mean, really, we should get a day off for Halloween, shouldn’t we?

9. When you gotta to pat yourself on the back


Because you’re a badass like Kelly and you can’t just wait around for someone to tell you.

10. When you don’t understand something your boss is telling you


Why can’t we say this IRL?

11. When you’re feeling like a TORNADO OF ENERGY


And you absolutely must parkour on the office couches, knocking down lamps on the way.

12. When you want to quote Gwen Stefani lyrics


This is always, let’s be honest.

13. And when you wish someone would just stop working and do this instead


The dream.

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