This woman’s The Office-themed pregnancy announcement would make Michael Scott so proud

Michael Scott from The Office would be pretty stoked to discover that some of his best moments made their way into a family’s pregnancy announcement (he is, after all, a “little kid lover”). Sarah Elaine Gasperik, a photographer from Charleston, South Carolina, shot her own pregnancy announcements for her third child with her husband Chris, and they were heavily inspired by the gang at Dunder Mifflin.

Gasperik has been taking photos since high school, but decided to make it her full-time job in 2016. Capturing her own photos for the event probably wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but the results speak for themselves.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Gasperik said she’s watched The Office with her husband around 15 times through (which we totally can relate to, btws). She made her vision a reality with a few very special t-shirts. While we can almost hear Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy as we read this, we can also picture him saying the below phrase verbatim, likely after finding out Holly was pregnant. (Off-camera, sadly.)

Gasperik’s two sons seemed happy to introduce the newest member of their staff — their little sister — the Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager (or as Dwight would say, the A.A.R.M.)

Chris also had his own shirt, which looks remarkably similar to an item Michael Scott keeps on his desk…

The below reference is for the truest of superfans:

See it?

We’re unapologetically obsessed with this family photo shoot. And we have a feeling that the third Gasperik child is gonna be a HUGE Office aficionado.

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