A fan on reddit just found such a clutch The Office easter egg from Season 7

The Office is one of those rare shows we’ll likely be able to rewatch forever—spotting new details every single time. The legendary series is so full of hidden details and easter eggs that we’re still discovering new gems—even five years after the series’ ended. And in October, a Reddit user spotted a brilliant easter egg in the Season 7 episode “Garage Sale” (the one where Dunder Mifflin employees host a garage sale in the branch’s warehouse).

In a screenshot posted to Reddit, user u/kiiirsten noticed that Michael is selling his once-prized plasma TV…the very same plasma that was tragically broken by a Dundie in the legendary Season 4 episode “Dinner Party.”

In the episode, Michael and Jan host Pam, Jim, Andy, and Angela (and Dwight, who crashes with his former babysitter Melvina)—at their condo, which naturally winds up being a disaster. While taking his dinner guests on a tour of the condo, Michael proudly shows off his beloved and very tiny new plasma TV, which he reveals he bought for $200.


Unfortunately, the TV meets an early demise at the party when Jan throws a Dundie at it.

Sure, a completely shattered flat screen TV may be unwatchable to most, but it’s definitely the most Michael Scott item to include in a garage sale.

While “Dinner Party” lives on as one of the most iconic Office episodes to fans, it’s also an episode that continues to resonate with the cast. In an oral history of the episode for Rolling Stone earlier this year, the cast revealed it to be one of the most difficult to shoot because they couldn’t stop laughing, with John Krasinski citing the TV scene as the funniest—and therefore, most painful—moment.

While some eagle-eyed Office fans may have spotted the “Dinner Party” easter egg before, it’s yet another example of the legendary blink-and-you’ll-miss-it details hidden in each episode. Now that we’ve seen the masterfully hidden easter egg, we may just have to start watching The Office all over again…again.

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